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Each phase has a list of projects that we recommend you complete first. Here is a list of more.

Levels and areas of focus

These are just recommendations, anyone at any level can do any project.

Difficulty levels follow certification levels.

  • Fundamental: You should be able to complete this project with cloud fundamental level knowledge. (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Azure Fundamentals)
  • Associate: You should be able to complete this project with cloud associate level knowledge. (AWS Certified Solution Architect/Developer/SysOps Associate, AZ-104, 204.).
  • Professional: You should be able to complete this project with cloud professional level knowledge. (AWS Professional or Azure Expert).

Areas of focus follow certifications areas of expertise.

  • If a project is showcasing developer skills, then it's relevant to Developer related certifications.

AWS Projects

TitleDescriptionAuthorArea of FocusDifficulty
AWS WorkshopAmazon Workshops are hands-on events designed to teach or introduce practical skills, techniques, or concepts which you can use to solve business problems.AWSVariousVarious
Cloud Resume ChallengeBuild your resume with AWS services.Forrest BrazealSolutions and/or Developer AssociateAssociate
AWS Hands On TutorialsGet started with step-by-step tutorials to launch your first applicationAWSVariousVarious
AWS Architecture CenterThe AWS Architecture Center provides reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, Well-Architected best practices, patterns, icons, and more.AWSVariousVarious
Cloud Is FreeSet up practical projects through an interactive and detailed documentation, while taking advantage of the Free Tier from AWS.Yassin DahmouniDeveloper AssociateFundamental
Serverless QR Code GeneratorServerless QR Code Generator that generates QR Code for a given URL, utilizing services like AWS Lambda and S3.Rishab KumarDeveloper AssociateAssociate
Cloud Resume APICreate a resume API endpoint utilizing Serverless technologies.Rishab KumarDeveloper AssociateAssociate

Azure Projects

TitleDescriptionAuthorArea of FocusDifficulty
Azure Cloud Resume ChallengeBuild your resume with Azure ServicesGPSAZ-204Associate
Serverless Resume APISimilar to the previous project except this one included Blob Storage integration, IaC, CI/CD, and devcontainer supportGPSAZ-204Associate
Azure Architecture CenterArchitecture diagrams and technology descriptions for reference architectures, real world examples of cloud architectures, and solution ideas for common workloads on Azure.MicrosoftVariousVarious
Azure networking labs by Binal ShahThis set of Azure Networking labs are simplified to demonstrate a single concept in each lab, using Azure portal or Azure CLI.Binal ShahAZ-104Associate
Azure Pet Store by Chris TremblayThe Azure Pet Store is comprised of hypothetical open source applications developed to help you learn about and build awesome software on AzureChris TremblayAZ-204Associate
AZ-104 LabsAZ-104 guided labsMicrosoft learningAZ-104Associate
WTH ServerlessBuild a Serverless Tollbooth Application on AzureGPSAZ-204Associate
WTH Datadog on AzureThis What The Hack provides provides hands on experience on how to monitor Azure workloads using Datadog.WTHAZ-104/204Associate

GCP Projects

TitleDescriptionAuthorArea of FocusDifficulty
GCP Architecture CenterArchitectures, diagrams, design patterns, guidance, and best practices for building or migrating your workloads on Google Cloud.GCPVariousVarious
GCP CodelabsLearn about Google Cloud Platform by completing codelabs and coding challenges!GCPVariousVarious
GCP Cloud ResumeBuild your resume with GCP servicesMattias AndersonDeveloperAssociate
Google Cloud Skills BoostChoose your path, build your skills, and validate your GCP knowledge.GCPVariousVarious

DevOps Projects

TitleDescriptionAuthorArea of FocusDifficulty
Deploy an App to Azure with ARMARM is an IaC tool used with AzureSonia ContiDevOpsAssociate
Crypto-dot-net Ticket DockerizedWe Dockerize this .NET projectRishab KumarDevOpsAssociate
DevOps-ExercisesThis repo devops-exercises contains questions and exercises on various technical topics related to DevOps and SREArie BregmanDevOpsAssociate